Kevin Maitland’s – Garage Layout (00/4mm)

Kevin writes…:

I am building a new layout in a double garage. The layout is in the shape of
a letter ‘E’ . Apart from the central section [terminus station] the tracks
are on two levels. The top leg has a 16 track fiddle yard and helix leading
to the  2nd level. (photo 2,3) to be a scenic area. The middle is a terminus
station (photo 1) with 3 roads for platforms/carriages. The next 2 roads are
carriage sidings. The rest of the central isle contains a goods area,
parcel depot, fuelling point, and turntable. The 3rd leg (Photos 4,5) is to
be scenic with the main line at a higher level returning via dumbbell to
mostly hidden lower level leading to the station.

My first priority is to build the layout for ease of access both to the
electrics and for operating. The middle section has four hinged boards
(photo 6) and the 2nd level above the fiddle yard is also hinged for easy

The layout will be controlled by DCC using Digitrax.

I will update this site as the layout progresses.

Below is a selection of photographs taken by Kevin.