Dunkerton Colliery Halt (2mm scale / N gauge)

Dunkerton Colliery Halt (2mm scale / N gauge) Built By Kevin Mitchell

Dunkerton Colliery Halt is an accurate model of a halt on the Limpley Stoke to Camerton branch line in Somerset which was built to serve the nearby colliery. Passenger services on this line stopped as far back as 1925 and the whole line closed in 1952, however the model trains continue to run into the 1960s and beyond.

Using old photos and plans I have tried to make the model as accurate as possible to the original, which has not been easy even for a very small station and a few educated guesses have been made. Visiting the site today is not much help as only the road bridge still survives. The cutting in which the platform stood has been filled in and the adjacent former Somerset Coal Canal cottage was demolished many years ago. However there are a few railway artefacts dotted about such as some fences and gates which provide good reference material.

Scenes from the film The Titfield Thunderbolt were shot at the nearby Dunkerton Colliery and there is a glimpse of the canal cottage in one scene, during the duel between the train and the steam roller.

As usual with my models I place a big emphasis on getting the scenery to look right. The backscene is hand painted.